Among the Blind
The One-eyed
Is a Madman

Northern Silence, Eyes Like Snow & Beneath Grey Skies are distributed by:
Soulfood Entertainment (GER+AUT), Soundworks/Season of Mist (FRA),
Clear Spot International (BE-NE-LUX), Plastic Head (UK), Nordvis (SWE),
Avantgarde Music (ITA), Sepulchral Productions (CAN), Pest Productions (CN),
Hell's Headbangers Records (USA) & Ominous Domain (USA).

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The latest & upcoming releases of Northern Silence Productions:


DigiCD ltd. 300
2018 starts with the fantastic debut of this German one-man band. Four majestic and hauntingly beautiful songs of Atmospheric Black Metal for fans of Gallowbraid, Vallendusk, Agalloch, Nagelfar, Empyrium, Horn and similar bands. One of the first highlights of 2018 for sure.

Out January 26th, 2018


Ltd. 501
Five years after the 5th album "Forvist", and 20 years since the founding of the band,
Ynleborgaz returns with two exclusive new songs that set the stage for the upcoming 6th album.
This is classic Angantyr material - cold, hymnic Northern Black Metal without compromise.

Out January 5th, 2018

"Black Clouds Gathering & Vallendusk"

Ltd. 501
Following the successful release of the band's 2nd album "Homeward Path" in 2015, it is about time now for the much requested vinyl release of their fantastic debut album. As a bonus, the three songs from the debut EP will be added as well, bringing the playing time of this DLP to more than 90 minutes!

Out January 5th, 2018

"A Dark Forgotten Past"

DigiCD ltd. 999 | LP ltd. 555
Much anticipated second album of the Tolkien-influenced one-man Atmospheric Black Metal act from Norway. Fans of the very successful debut will be pleased to hear that Eldamar continues the epic journey to Alfheimr/Elvenhome on the same mystical path.

CD out December 1st, 2017
LP out January 5th, 2018

"Spine of the World"

Ltd. 500
Australian one-man project of atmospheric Folk/Black Metal. Recommended for fans of Agalloch, Nechochwen, Addaura, Gallowbraid, Skagos and similar bands. As part of our Underground Series this CD is limited to 500 copies.

Out December 1st, 2017

"Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga"

Ltd. 501
Much demanded and now finally realized - the impressive debut album of Emyn Muil on vinyl. Like the second album, the LP comes with printed innersleeve, in three different vinyl editions with a total limitation of 500 copies.

LP out January 5th, 2018

"Elenion Ancalima"

DigiCD ltd. 1000 | LP ltd. 501
Second album. Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal for fans of Summoning, Caladan Brood, Sojourner, Eldamar and the like. Feat. guest vocals by Hildr Valkyrie.

CD out May 26th, 2017
LP out January 5th, 2018

"Chants de Bataille"

A5-DigiCD ltd. 500
Long overdue reissue of the third album, remastered and including revised booklet with English translations of the French lyrics, as well as 5 exclusive bonus tracks. Over 70 minutes playing time.

Out May 26th, 2017


Ltd. 525
Much anticipated vinyl release of one of the most noteworthy Atmospheric Black Metal albums of 2016. Recommended for fans of Elderwind, Aquilus, Eldamar, Lustre or Summoning.Available on violet and white vinyl.

LP out April 5th, 2017

"Seasons of Desolation"

Ltd. 500
(200x black, 300x green)
Their new album - a must have for fans of their previous releases as well as Wolves In The Throne Room, Alda, Agalloch, etc.

Co-released with Avantgarde Music.

Out April 21st, 2017

"Empires of Ash"

Great Epic Black Metal for fans of Caladan Brood, Summoning, Saor and similar bands. Released in cooperation with Avantgarde Music. The DLP comes in gatefold cover, on red vinyl (200x) and clear vinyl (300x)

2LP out April 21st, 2017


Ecstasy. Joy. Paradise. Cosmos.
A surrealistic journey through
the heavens, drenched in sorrow.
Heavy. Melodic. Dramatic. Nostalgic.
Atmospheric Black Metal.

2LP out April 21st, 2017

"The Circle"

Heretoir's long awaited 2nd album “The Circle” deals with the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Interweaving crushing heaviness and atmospheric dreaminess, the album portrays a deeply emotional journey – a life dedicated to the sun and to freedom.

CD out March 24th, 2017
2LP out April 5th, 2017


Ltd. 500
German newcomers Nornír perform Scandinavian Black Metal in the best 90s tradition. Recommended for fans of Gorgoroth, Trelldom, Skogen, (early) Siebenbürgen, Thy Primordial, Dråpsnatt, Sorhin & the like.

CD out March 3rd, 2017

"Dying Season's Glory"

Ltd. 500
The music of Gaoth encompasses a meld of traditional Atmospheric Black Metal with vast & blistering ambiences to create ethereal & transcendental  atmospheres, intertwined with brief moments of earthy contemplation. This soundscape is inspired by the Seasons, Mountains, Forests, Soil & Lakes of Ireland.

CD out March 3rd, 2017

A note to bands:

NSP Underground Series starts in June 2015!

In order to support carefully selected newcomers who, by our standards, have created promising releases,
we decided to form a kind of subdivision of NSP that will release those CDs, usually in regular jewel case editions
in limited quantity (500-999 copies), to be sold and distributed mainly through Northern Silence and selected partners.

This may be a stepping stone in the future to get a full album deal incl. the generous terms & conditions all our fully signed
bands receive, provided a band has plans for future releases and the CD is successful and well liked by many people.

That means bands who'd like to have their album released through NSP in this fashion are welcome
to send their material (bandcamp, soundcloud or youtube links via email are best) for review.

Our usual quality standards and style restrictions apply here as well so please do not waste your
own and our time by sending material that is mediocre or in a style which we don't release.
Our preferences are Depressive, Epic, Cascadian or generally Atmospheric Black Metal.
We absolutely do not release Death or Thrash Metal or any kind of "-core".

We'll get back to you if we want to release your music.

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