Alder Glade
Spine of the World

NSP 012 US :  Alder Glade - Spine of the World CD

Release date: December 1st, 2017

Alder Glade is the one-man atmospheric Folk/Black Metal project of multi-instrumentalist Dryn, hailing from Brisbane, Australia.

Spine of the World is the first official full-length release from Alder Glade. Weaving in and out of  shadow, haunting folk melodies and blistering black metal passages combine to create a gateway to a world only hinted at in previous releases.

Alder Glade is recommended for fans of Agalloch, Nechochwen, Addaura, Gallowbraid, Skagos and similar bands.

The CD comes in jewel case with 6-page booklet, in a limited edition of 500 copies.


1. Spine of the World (9:34)
2. Lord of the Lakes (6:31)
3. Sun Ritual (1:43)
4. Kingdom Aflame (4:34)
5. Wheel of Stars (6:28)
6. Beltane (12:26)


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