For orders please use the online shop!

For everything else write to:

info -at-

or request our snail mail address.

Due to constant updates and lack of time we do not have a printed
mailorder catalogue or list. Please don't ask for information via snail mail!

A note to bands:

Until further notice no more bands can be signed by Northern Silence or its sublabels.

Due to the amount of work involved in label and mailorder I have decided to focus solely on working with the bands that are already signed to NSP and its sublabels. Two new bands will appear under the banner of Northern Silence which already have a deal, but for the time being it is not possible to add others.

I thank all of you who were and are interested in having your albums released through Northern Silence! Your trust in our work and confidence in our abilities is much appreciated and I hope you'll all find capable labels to help you spread your music! During the last one or two years the number has increased to over 100 band requests every single month so it became increasingly impossible to give them all the attention they deserve without neglecting the other label and mailorder work.

So, for the time being, sending demos or download links to songs and promo packages will be fruitless. However, sending a link to a youtube clip of your material or your bandcamp page for a quick listen may give us the chance to check out your band and keep an eye on you for potential future cooperation. So that is possible but please don't be disappointed if you receive no reply. It certainly does not mean your music is not good enough.

The above decision is not set in stone. In 2016 or 2017 we may again sign new bands if the work schedule allows it. If we're all still around, that is :)