Dead Limbs

NSP 147 :  Dead Limbs - Spiritus/Sulphur DigiCD


Release date: tba

Check out "Awake! O Sleeper of the Land of Shadows" on Youtube

Dead Limbs is an Atmospheric Black Metal band formed by Asclepius, Saturnus and Poimandres.

Spiritus/Sulphur was shaped out of fragments of "The ash seeketh embers", a tale created by the
band, which embodies aspects of Greek mythology and Hermetic philosophy, and is heavily
influenced by the "Souls" series. Musically, the band's main influences are Agalloch and Mgla.

The album was recorded and mixed by the band during 2016 and mastered for optimal sound quality
by well-known German producer Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony in October 2016.

The CD will first be released in digipack, including a 24-page booklet, limited to 999 copies.

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1. Golden Age 5:07
Echoes of Yore 6:28
The Craven's Pilgrimage 2:00
Monolith of Deceived Hollows 8:36
5. The Thorncrown's Blessing 1:54
6. Awake! O Sleeper of the Land of Shadows 10:55


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8.5/10 -