Dying Season's Glory

NSP 010 US :  Gaoth - Dying Season's Glory CD

Release date: March 3rd, 2017

GAOTH is a new one-man Atmospheric/Post Black Metal project from Ireland, which birthed
itself onto the scene with the debut full length release ‘Dying Season’s Glory’ in July 2016.

The music encompasses a meld of traditional Atmospheric Black Metal with vast & blistering
ambiences to create ethereal, transcendental & timeless atmospheres, intertwined with brief
moments of earthy ‘reflection’ or contemplation. This soundscape is largely informed & inspired
by the Seasons, Mountains, Forests, Soil & Lakes of Ireland.

The name GAOTH derives from Old Irish ‘gáeth’, from Proto-Celtic ‘gaito’, from Proto-Indo-European
’ghai’,’ghei’,’ghi’, meaning WIND, DRIVE or STORM. It is these very elements & the vast inherent
lineage contained therein that forms the body & soul of GAOTH.

As part of our underground series this CD is limited to 500 copies.


1. Autumnal Breath 7:09
2. Weeping of the Fens 7:28
3. Gaoth 7:58
4. Will of Mountains 7:43
5. Waning of the Years 2:18
6. Where Leaves Depart 4:08
7. Astral Paths 6:29
8. Dying Season's Glory 7:18
9. The Burning Horizon 3:59


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"Das eigens verliehene Etikett Atmospheric / Post Black Metal könnte Gaoths Sound kaum besser umschreiben. Tatsächlich lässt sich dieser irgendwo in der Schnittmenge von Sólstafir / Agalloch und Darkspace verorten. [...] Die Lyrics werden in erster Linie in Form von verzweifeltem Schreigesang intoniert, gelegentlich (so beispielsweise im Titeltrack) greift F. S. aber auch auf seine Clean-Stimme zurück. Diese kann sich absolut hören lassen und man fragt sich unweigerlich, wieso jenes Stilmittel nicht häufiger eingesetzt wurde. [...] Darüber hinaus bewegt sich das Werk, welches F. S. komplett selbst geschrieben, eingespielt, produziert und gemixt hat, aber auf einem mehr als ansprechenden Niveau."
12/15 -

"...this is black metal at it’s finest. I guess I could compare it to Fuath (Andy Marshall’s side project from his primary one Saor) but with a few differences. The first is there is more of an atmospheric style and not as abrupt as I think the Fuath project is and the tracks tend to be shorter overall [...] A stellar debut album and a guide to the unknown for those wanting to take the journey… should take the path Gaoth has laid out for you."
9/10 -

"Gaoth has supplanted Agalloch to join Summoning and Wolved in the Throne Room as my top atmospheric black metal bands. It takes a lot to be able to do that. This album hits every nail perfect on the head. [...] The music itself is melancholic and ethereal; it’s slow, moving at a crawl but each note is painstakingly crafted to follow the next one, each a stone down to the river of time. Gaoth leads us on a path through a land or rain and rivers, rocks and shoals that have been unexplored for centuries. Nature rules absolutely here, dominating sounds and bending light to its will. It’s a beautiful misanthropic journey to the heart of the primal world. This is an Album of the Year candidate."
10/10 -