Ghost Bath

NSP 150 :  Ghost Bath - Starmourner DigiCD/CD/DLP/TS

Release date: April 21st, 2017

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Where Ghost Bath's critically acclaimed "Moonlover" album (the first part of a trilogy) explored melancholy, sorrow,
earth, purgatory & tragedy, their new opus "Starmourner" focuses on joy, the cosmos, paradise & ecstasy. With over 72
minutes of heavy, melodic, and dramatic Black Metal, it is Ghost Bath's most ambitious undertaking yet. The album
takes its listener on a journey in a variety of ways. Each track is accompanied by a beautifully crafted painting as well
as a "parable" to read alongside. This allows the listeners to explore not only the audio soundscapes, but also to have a
visual and imaginative experience as they delve into the album. "The stories, or parables, look into Jewish angelology
and the hierarchy of angels as found in the bible and other religious texts." says Nameless. "Although the album has a
definitive joyful and hopeful feel, it is still drenched in depression and sorrow, as any true Ghost Bath record should be."

The European pressing is released by Northern Silence, the North American pressing by Nuclear Blast, the Japanese pressing by Ward Records.

The European version of the CD comes as Collector's Edition in digipack, limited to 1000 copies, as well as regular edition in jewel case. Both include an extensive 28-page booklet.

The DLP comes in gatefold cover, with printed innersleeves and two-sided A2 poster. The gold vinyl is limited to 144 copies, the violet vinyl to 414 copies and the silver vinyl to 441 copies.


1. Astral 3:20
2. Seraphic 5:50
3. Ambrosial 8:30
4. Ethereal 6:54
5. Celestial 8:14
6. Angelic 5:23
7. Luminescence 6:08
8. Thrones 6:20

9. Elysian 5:22
10. Cherubim 4:26
11. Principalities 6:14
12. Ode 4:28


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"Starmourner is an album that must be listened to to be believed. Stunning and emotionally resonating at every junction it pushes Ghost Bath to the upper echelons of the new wave of backgaze and atmospheric black metal."
9/10 -

"The album handles its newfound size like a field general deftly outmaneuvering an unworthy opponent. The immediate eclipse of Moonlover may put off fans unhappy to see Ghost Bath succumb to heavier desires, but it should delight those less rigid in their stylistic adherence. Starmourner shatters the already-high expectations in Ghost Bath’s young career, and if you’ve got ears, you should hear it for yourself."
4/5 -

"Ghost Bath has achieved something magical with Starmourner. This is not “Moonlover 2.0”, and I’m glad that it isn’t. Nameless’ vocal delivery doesn’t contain a single word to be interpreted. Yet, it’s the emotion behind its sound that makes it unique, while the rest of the band attacks with full aggression and beauty to deliver this message of joy and sorrow. It will be hard to top off this one, but I’m looking forward to the end of this trilogy. Well done!"

"Starmourner is the kind of record where it would be difficult to find a song that couldn’t be considered a highlight. With as grim as they can be, they are also capable of uplifted melodies that give the listener a sense of hope and victory. This sentiment is most pronounced in the song “Celestial,” my favorite track overall. Though there are enough good things about what Ghost Bath is doing to fill 10 reviews, I will leave it up to you, the listener, to find this out for yourselves."

"Previously, it’s been easy to compare Ghost Bath with fellow post-black progressives such as Deafheaven and Wolves in the Throne Room, but Starmourner is such an intelligent, immersive and transcendent album that it truly becomes an entity in and of itself. As an experience and an achievement, it is awe-inspiring."
9/10 -

"This is the best album Ghost Bath have released & a serious contender for album of the year."

"In terms of the quality of the songwriting, Starmourner isn’t vastly different from either of Ghost Bath’s previous LPs, but their unique approach to songwriting makes this album a more rewarding and original listen than either of its predecessors. Although it’d be a misnomer to refer to this record as a classic or a groundbreaking achievement in the blackgaze genre, Ghost Bath has certainly set themselves apart from their peers in a way that makes Starmourner an enticing and rewarding listen. Will this be the record that breaks them through and connects them with a larger fanbase? Maybe, maybe not, but any blackgaze fan worth their salt should do themselves a favor and at least give Starmourner a once-over. If their trajectory thus far is any indication, Ghost Bath is definitely a band to keep an eye on from here on out."

9/10 -

Musically, it's an incredible roller coaster of beautiful, melancholic moments partnered with some upbeat riffing & some traditional black metal guitar work. The addition of piano in a couple of tracks really works to amplify the beauty and sadness that can be felt throughout the album. The vocals are a very haunting style of black metal wails and screams that just worm their way through your very being. They really help pull the album together and work in harmony with the music to provide the perfect soundscape for the story that "Starmourner" tells. I am very impressed with the song quality, the musicality, and the overall depth and feeling that Ghost Bath deliver with this album."
4.5/5 -

"Mit ihrer Entscheidung, sich mehr auf packende Leadgitarren wie jene von „Golden Number“ („Moonlover“) zu konzentrieren, lagen GHOST BATH jedoch goldrichtig. Heraus kam dabei nämlich eine außergewöhnliche Platte, die ein unfassbar großes Spektrum an Emotionen wiedergibt und trotz kleinerer Schwachstellen weit mehr ist als nur eine Ansammlung genretypischer Post-Black-Metal-Nummern."
8.5/10 -

"Ghost Bath has made their signature sound flourish on this new release, digging deeper into rough and restless emotions. They upheave the heart and are unapologetic for their mournful, yet slightly hopeful sound. The constant, unwavering, tormented high-pitched moans bellow and the guitars slam away with the determination of a hungry animal. The overall hauntingly harsh yet somber and graceful sound is entertaining. ‘Starmourner’ will have you thinking and feeling. It’s well worth a listen."
8/10 -

"Insgesamt fahren Ghost Bath mit „Starmourner“ ein sehr außergewöhnliches und sehr starkes, fast sensationelles Album auf. Nicht nur, dass GHOST BATH extrem versierte Musiker sind, auch das Songwriting von Nameless ist großartig. Zusätzlich ist das gesamte Konzept sehr gekonnt durch den punktuell angepassten Sound sehr passend unterstützt. Es wird jedem Metalhead wärmstens empfohlen die 72 Minuten pure Metal-Genialität zu genießen und sich hierin fallen zu lassen – inklusiver aller emotionaler Höhen und Tiefen."

"When picking up this album and looking for shoegaze, some punk influence, or another type of second wave manifestation to which labels so hastily stick, look instead for the patient presentation and nature building experience Ghost Bath has created. Originality has finally been found, and even though it's not a perfect release, its 85% there for what I look for in the spectrum of data in this bands discography. Give it a chance to explain itself to you, and I hope you find the redeeming flow and tone as pleasant as I found it."
8.5/10 -

"It may not have the raw, bleak power of Moonlover, but Starmourner is a different beast that has it’s own power and majesty. Considering it is twice the songs Moonlover had it will take more time to digest. But once fully swallowed it’s another fine album to a growing discography that hammers home that this band are special and ones to watch."

"Ghost Bath's strength as a band had always been the ability to create picturesque post-black atmospheres, and Starmourner throws more effort at that, too, with varying degrees of success. Thrones, one of my favorite songs on the album, melds the black metal with guitar lead riffs in the first half, then a tinkling piano is mixed in on top, resulting in a furious energy mixed with those newfound major-key riffs. The band experiments with different rhythms throughout, but with more confidence than previously. But just as on Moonlover, they indulge their love of instrumentals at times, once with a clean guitar, and once at the end with piano, which can occasionally get repetitious."
82/100 -

"Obviously, the record itself doesn’t seem to be a depressing affair which will probably upset a couple of people, but you just can’t please everyone in this genre. Ghost Bath took what I think is a very risky, yet very wise decision and chose to follow up their heavily publicized sophomore with something a little – different."
4/5 -

"Ghost  Bath  plays  a  style  of  post  black  metal  that  is  very  depressive  and  atmospheric  sounding  while  also  having  its  raw  moments,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  joy,  paradise,  cosmos  and  ecstasy  themes.
  In  my  opinion  Ghost  Bath  are  a  very  great  sounding  atmospheric  and  depressive  post  black  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre, you  should  check  out  this  album."
8.5/10 -

"A seventy two minute journey from Ghost Bath that will pick you up and drop you down on an emotionally charged stunning album."
5/5 -

"‘Starmourner’ adds twists, turns and excitement to a genre that didn’t want, nor need, to be accepted by anyone other than the known. Granted, one could suggest that black metal has become catnip for hipsters in recent years, but when a band like Ghost Bath are creating such grandiose compositions as ‘Thrones’ and ‘Cherbium’, who can blame a wider audience for being attracted to this world."

"Fazit: Ghost Bath haben ihre Form gefunden und lassen nichts vermissen, um fesselnd und mitreissend zu unterhalten. Die erhebende Grundnote des Albums und manche Weichheit wollen allerdings gemocht sein, sonst wird das Album zum Stresstest, nicht nur für Jünger schwarzstählerner Härte."
11/13 -

"Ein wieder wirklich gelungenes Album von GHOST BATH. Es ist schön zu sehen, dass sich die Jungs gleichzeitig treu geblieben sind und trotzdem auch ein wenig weiterentwickelt haben. Auch die Produktion ist noch etwas besser als zuvor, weshalb es sich durchaus lohnt, das Album mit einer guten Anlage oder Kopfhörern zu genießen."

"Starmourner will more than likely end up on my year end list,  due to some of the utterly breathtaking melodies, let the haters hate.  And now, I’m really looking forward to the next album..."

"So what can be said about this album? For a doom/black metal effort, this is bizarrely uplifting, even “happy”, most of the way through. At times plodding along at a gentle pace, and others blasting along at the full 120mph in exemplary black metal style, this isn't an album that is immediately easy to get to grips with or categorise. Swinging wildly from gentle melodies to epic, sweeping, almost power metal style riffs, through to blast beats and screamed vocals, this really is an odd album with a real mix of influences showing through. Somehow deeply reminiscent of old early 2000s black metal, this album has 'retro' stamped all over it, yet also feels fresh, reminding me at times of Wolves in the Throne Room or Deafheaven and other “post-black metal” types."

"Fazit: Gegensätze ziehen sich an?! Besser kann man Starmourner abschließend nicht beschreiben. Überhaupt nicht Massenkompatibel erschaffen Ghost Bath eine ganz eigene Anhängerschaft, die in der Schwerenlosigkeit dahertreiben. Technisch spannend kann ich nach mehreren Durchläufen nur neidlos den Daumen heben und den Stempel für Insider auf das Cover drücken. Wenn man zu seinem Spiegelbild sagt: Nein, ich bin nicht schizophren, hat man Starmourner verinnerlicht."
9/10 -

"Starmourner is magical, full of powerful melodies and hinting at black metal majesty of the sort that many of the bands peers have basically ignored for years now. This is a group who emphasize strong songwriting and artistic elegance, going a step beyond even scene pioneers in bands like Deafheaven and using their waves of sonic magick to leave the listener in awe. [...] Ghost Bath understand not only the concept of great riff writing and lead lines but moreover how these things fit into the context of the post black metal genre. They have been able to create something with Starmourner that stands out as a monolithic statement, blending old school black metal with modern magic that leaves you in utter awe. [...] Starmourner is almost a masterpiece. It's a record that can't help but to capture your imagination and which sees the band moving closer to their place in the heavy metal pantheon."

"Starmourner is a bold album. Unafraid to be true to itself and nothing else, the band have written an album full of passion and emotion, one which embraces a different path through black metal’s well-worn landscape. In my view Ghost Bath are simply going from strength to strength, and Starmourner is just as oddly addictive as Moonlover was.

I can’t stop listening to this. I can’t stop enjoying this."