Ghost Bath

NSP 150 :  Ghost Bath - Starmourner DigiCD/CD/DLP/TS

Release date: April 21st, 2017

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Where Ghost Bath's critically acclaimed "Moonlover" album (the first part of a trilogy) explored melancholy, sorrow,
earth, purgatory & tragedy, their new opus "Starmourner" focuses on joy, the cosmos, paradise & ecstasy. With over 72
minutes of heavy, melodic, and dramatic Black Metal, it is Ghost Bath's most ambitious undertaking yet. The album
takes its listener on a journey in a variety of ways. Each track is accompanied by a beautifully crafted painting as well
as a "parable" to read alongside. This allows the listeners to explore not only the audio soundscapes, but also to have a
visual and imaginative experience as they delve into the album. "The stories, or parables, look into Jewish angelology
and the hierarchy of angels as found in the bible and other religious texts." says Nameless. "Although the album has a
definitive joyful and hopeful feel, it is still drenched in depression and sorrow, as any true Ghost Bath record should be."

The European pressing is released by Northern Silence, the North American pressing by Nuclear Blast, the Japanese pressing by Ward Records.

The European version of the CD comes as Collector's Edition in digipack, limited to 1000 copies, as well as regular edition in jewel case. Both include an extensive 28-page booklet.

The DLP comes in gatefold cover, with printed innersleeves and two-sided A2 poster. The gold vinyl is limited to 144 copies, the violet vinyl to 414 copies and the silver vinyl to 441 copies.


1. Astral 3:20
2. Seraphic 5:50
3. Ambrosial 8:30
4. Ethereal 6:54
5. Celestial 8:14
6. Angelic 5:23
7. Luminescence 6:08
8. Thrones 6:20

9. Elysian 5:22
10. Cherubim 4:26
11. Principalities 6:14
12. Ode 4:28


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"Ghost Bath has achieved something magical with Starmourner. This is not ďMoonlover 2.0Ē, and Iím glad that it isnít. Namelessí vocal delivery doesnít contain a single word to be interpreted. Yet, itís the emotion behind its sound that makes it unique, while the rest of the band attacks with full aggression and beauty to deliver this message of joy and sorrow. It will be hard to top off this one, but Iím looking forward to the end of this trilogy. Well done!"

9/10 -

Musically, it's an incredible roller coaster of beautiful, melancholic moments partnered with some upbeat riffing & some traditional black metal guitar work. The addition of piano in a couple of tracks really works to amplify the beauty and sadness that can be felt throughout the album. The vocals are a very haunting style of black metal wails and screams that just worm their way through your very being. They really help pull the album together and work in harmony with the music to provide the perfect soundscape for the story that "Starmourner" tells. I am very impressed with the song quality, the musicality, and the overall depth and feeling that Ghost Bath deliver with this album."
4.5/5 -

"Ghost  Bath  plays  a  style  of  post  black  metal  that  is  very  depressive  and  atmospheric  sounding  while  also  having  its  raw  moments,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  joy,  paradise,  cosmos  and  ecstasy  themes.
  In  my  opinion  Ghost  Bath  are  a  very  great  sounding  atmospheric  and  depressive  post  black  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre, you  should  check  out  this  album."
8.5/10 -

"Starmourner is magical, full of powerful melodies and hinting at black metal majesty of the sort that many of the bands peers have basically ignored for years now. This is a group who emphasize strong songwriting and artistic elegance, going a step beyond even scene pioneers in bands like Deafheaven and using their waves of sonic magick to leave the listener in awe. [...] Ghost Bath understand not only the concept of great riff writing and lead lines but moreover how these things fit into the context of the post black metal genre. They have been able to create something with Starmourner that stands out as a monolithic statement, blending old school black metal with modern magic that leaves you in utter awe. [...] Starmourner is almost a masterpiece. It's a record that can't help but to capture your imagination and which sees the band moving closer to their place in the heavy metal pantheon."