NSP 008 US :  Loth - Loth CD


Release date: September 9th, 2016

Click here to listen to the full album on Youtube.

Limited to 500 copies. Comes in jewel case with 4 page booklet.

Atmospheric Black Metal from France. Main influences: Wyrd, Häive, Drudkh, Walknut, Burzum.


1. Nemesis Mundane (11:20)
In Battle There Is No Love (8:31)
3. In Resilience (10:13)
4. In Resistance (12:10)


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"4 songs that scream misanthropy, 4 epic moods, neither glorious nor pessimistic. No feelings exhaled. Loth is pure apostasy."
9/10 - www.lagrosseradio.com

"Who cares if it's traditional and not really original? Loth's music comes from the heart of their originators and gets close to the genre's best moments."
15.5/20 - www.metalorgie.com

"You may have never heard of them yet, but Loth is definitely here to stay."
9.5/10 - www.pavillon666.fr

8/10 - radiowom.blogspot.de

"It's a record made with maturity and sincerity by two musicians who share a true love for old-school black metal."
16/20 - www.spirit-of-metal.com