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Cross Vault - Spectres of revocable loss

CD - June 20th, 2014
LP - July 17th, 2015

Digi CD

Digi CD - 1000
CD - undisclosed
100x red vinyl
200x clear vinyl
200x black vinyl

Additional Information:

This album is one of these rare achievements any band could be eternally proud of! Although the two guys behind CROSS VAULT are anything but newcomers, "Spectres of revocable loss" is their first release under the banner of CROSS VAULT.

If the name WARNING (UK) as a main influence rings any bells, and you're of the opinion that CLASSIC DOOM METAL should first and foremost be slow, harmonious, sorrowful and crushing, yet never tiring, boring, repetitive or lacking in variety; that the most important ingredients are masterful songwriting, flawless musicianship and an unreal (really! we're in awe) vocal performance, then this is THE Doom Metal album you should write on top of your to-buy-list for 2014!

The album includes 5 own compositions that focus on the subject of loss, as well as a cover of the WARNING (UK)-track "Footprints" which quite honestly sounds as if it belongs on this album.

The artwork was created by well-known American artist Lucas Ruggieri in his beautiful Doré/Dürer-style, and depicts a scene from George Orwell's dystopian classic "1984" which also inspired the lyrics to the song "At our bleakest".

The CD comes as Collectors Edition in Digipack (ltd. 1000), incl. poster-booklet, and as regular edition in jewel case which includes the same fold-out poster.

The LP comes in gatefold cover, with printed innersleeve.


I. Void of old, void to come 5:50

II. A query in chains 7:04
III. Home 8:40
IV. Rails departing 6:31
V. At our bleakest 8:28
VI. Footprints* 7:13
*Warning (UK) cover

Official Facebook Page

Youtube clip of "A query in chains"
Youtube clip of "Home"



Limited T-Shirt:

White & copper metallic print on black Fruit of the Loom shirt. Sizes XXL-S available.


"Wahrlich schaurig schönen Doom Metal präsentieren Cross Vault mit „Spectres Of Revocable Loss“ [...] um diesen empfehlenswerten Output, mit der stark interpretierten Coverversion „Foodprints“ [sic] der UK Band „Warning“ gelungen zu beenden und damit durchaus schon in einem Atemzug, mit Bands wie zum Beispiel Candlemass und Anathema, genannt werden kann."
(8.5/10 -

"Eine bloße [Warning] Kopie sind Cross Vault damit natürlich nicht; viel zu Charakteristisch ist N.s Stimme und der Sound erinnert durch die weichen, hintergründigen Drums und dem quasi aus dem Wald herausschleichenden Gesang mehr an die frühesten Reverend Bizarre-Aufnahmen. Ich wage die Prognose, dass wenn die stilistisch ähnlich veranlagten (weil auch sehr gefühlsbetonten) Pallbearer nicht entsprechend nachlegen, wir mit "Spectres Of Revocable Loss" das Doom-Album des Jahres 2014 vorliegen haben."
(10/10 -

"Vocally Cross Vault has a slow, ponderous style that echoes as if off the rafters off some great hall! To back up the grandoise vocal tones the music is drawn out, dirge like and patient! In terms of melody and engaging material, Cross Vault rely on the heavy doom laden nature of their play whilst dragging their sound along torturously whilst all the while easily picked up lyrics sink in quickly! Give “Spectres of Revocable Loss” a few spins and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Cross Vaults have unveiled an impressive debut!"
(8/10 -

"At times during this magnificent album, German two-piece Cross Vault create classic, atmospheric doom metal that comes close to perfection. [...] Primarily, though, Cross Vault are reminiscent of UK legends Warning. Slow and simple may sound easy, but it is difficult to effectively merge these characteristics with beautiful – but Cross Vault manage it almost to the same degree that Pat Walker achieved. The deeper, echoing vocals highlight the fact that the German band are slightly more epic and detached compared to Walker’s ferociously, claustrophobically personal atmosphere, but essentially the ambitions of the two seem similar."
(8.5/10 -

"Having listened to “Spectres Of Revocable Loss” many times, I have to say that this is a truly beautiful album, full of amazing melodies. If you close your eyes and really focus on the music, you will find yourself being carried away, leaving behind all your worries and sorrows. The music is inspired by bands such as ANATHEMA, WARNING and MY DYING BRIDE, so you understand that the music is lyrical. [...] “Spectres Of Revocable Loss” is a very good album with beautiful songs and great production. The Germans with this release have already set the bar high and it’s extremely interesting (and exciting) to see what will their next discographic step will be. If you like Doom Metal and especially the aforementioned bands, this album is for you."
(8/10 -

"The album features masterful musicianship, traditional doom metal feel and otherworldly vocals which all match the sound you want to hear in doom metal perfectly. Tracks like “A Query In Chains” have that slow depressive doom feel as the guitars are slow tempo and “Rails Departing” picks up pace but continue the path of the albums sound. Not a single moment in the album is there a dull, repetitive or boring moment."

"Spectres of Revocable Loss is the name of the record and is the perfect record for Doom Metal fans out there and it marks a great start for this Teutonic duo. Just like all great Doom Metal out there, this is not for everybody and it is not for any type of situation, you must be at the right frame of mind to this album “speak” to you. Only when you are at the same introspective level will the slow “dragging” heaviness of the riffs, the otherworldly vocals that express the deepest sorrows and misery of human existence and the slow hitting of the drums make sense to you, only then you will be able to experience the full range of this magnificent record."
(8/10 -

"Their intention is to evoke fathomless streams of despair upon their followers and trust me Spectres of Revocable Loss will satisfy each and every wretched soul out there. [...] The overall sound remains slow and ponderous to slightly mid-paced throughout with quality spellbinding doom riffage and an exceptional melodic nature for instance "A Query in Chains" which is already a stone-cold classic in my book. [...] I have to reiterate that their melodic sense is absolutely astounding. The way they execute melodic leads interlaced with acoustic passages on "Void of Old, Void to Come" and "Rails Departing" is nothing short of hypnotizing. [...] Spectres of Revocable Loss is a remarkable debut and without a shadow of a doubt one of the best metal albums of this year. Do yourself a favour by plunging into its gloomy depths to embrace the chalice of entropic wine."
(95% -

"Mit ihrem Debüt haben Cross Vault eine sehr gute Scheibe abgeliefert, die sich vor den Vorbildern nicht zu verstecken braucht. Das ist Doom Metal, der sicher nicht nur Genre-Fans gefallen wird."

"Definitivamente a los amantes y viudos de Warning (punto aparte es la versión de “Footspring” que entrega Cross Vault, cerrando este “Spectres Of Revocable Loss”), este trabajo caerá como anillo al dedo, no habrá lugar para arrepentimientos frente a esta oda a la tristeza. Absolutamente recomendado."

(8/10 -

"This is some fucking excellent trad doom. [...] Cross Vault plays traditional doom that should bring a tear of joyful-sorrow to the eyes of long-time fans of the genre. That bands are keeping this music alive is encouraging in itself, but the fact that they’re doing so with such passion and ingenuity: it’s inspiring, and Spectres of Revocable Loss will show to be one of the top doom albums of 2014."

"Fans of Candlemass, Anathema and Warning (UK) should be pleased with this album as the feeling of old traditional doom metal is alive with this band. The group also brilliantly chose to end the release with a cover of “Footprints” by Warning (UK) which adds that perfect final touch. Anyone who is a true fan of traditional doom metal needs to add this to their collection as this is a true masterpiece."

"Fazit: Insgesamt bin ich sehr angetan von Cross Vaults Erstlingswerk Spectres Of Revocable Loss. Hier findet man trotz der überwiegend ziemlich langsamen Spielweise viele interessante Parts, die gut rüberkommen. Passend zum Sound finde ich auch die Melancholie, die über viele der kleinen und kurzen Gitarrensoli hervorgerufen wird, sehr gut und der Gesang hat etwas Individuelles für sich, denn ich habe so etwas bisher eher selten gehört."
(8.9/10 -