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EYE 004

Darkest Era - The Journey Through Damnation

Released: May 2008

Format: MCD


Additional Information:

25:09 min playing time
8-page booklet with all lyrics

I. The Morrigan
II. Visions Of The Dawn 
III. Another World Awaits
IV. On The Crest Of Doom



www.bloodchamber.de (in German): 7.5/10
www.burnyourears.de (in German): 9/10
www.digital-steel.com (in English)
www.heavyhardes.de (in German)
www.hellridemusic.com (in English)
Legacy Mag #55 (in German): 12/15
www.live4metal.com (in English)
www.lordsofmetal.nl (in English)
(in German): 7/10
www.metal-district.de (in German): 8/10
www.metalglory.de (in German): 7.5/10
(in French): 17/20
www.metal-invader.com (in English): 4.5/6
www.metal-observer.com (in German)
www.metalreviews.com (in English): 87/100
(in German): 8/10
(in German)
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www.rockunderground-mag.com (in Spanish): 9/10
www.shapelesszine.com (in Italian): 7.5/10
www.sputnikmusic.com (in English): 3.5/5
www.stormbringer.at (in German): 3.5/5
www.terrorverlag.de (in German)
www.the-pit.de (in German): 7/10
www.vampire-magazine.com (in English)

DARKEST ERA are a Celtic Metal band from Northern Ireland. They formed in 2005 under the name NEMESIS. Originally combining NWOBHM-style Metal with Traditional Irish Folk Music, 2006's self-titled demo was very well received in the underground, winning the band many fans right across Europe and beyond.

In 2007 the band changed their name to DARKEST ERA, and with this a darker and more unique sound was found. Influences from bands such as PRIMORDIAL, viking-era BATHORY as well as touches of Black and Doom Metal crept their way into the band, resulting in a unique style of epic, dark, intense Celtic Metal.

In Winter 2007/2008 the band recorded their debut MCD "The Journey Through Damnation". Eyes Like Snow, who were keeping a close eye on the burgeoning talent of the band since their excellent NEMESIS demo, were instantly ready for battle when the band agreed to have the MCD professionally released, distributed and promoted worldwide.

With but two releases DARKEST ERA have forged a name for themselves as one of the UK's premier up and coming Metal bands. It counts for something when Alan A. Nemtheanga of PRIMORDIAL hails their MCD as the greatest Traditional Heavy Metal record ever from an Irish band. Together with a reputation as providing one of the countries most spellbinding and heart stopping live shows, the future looks bright for this Irish 5 piece.