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The Wandering Midget - The Serpent Coven

Released: October 2008

Format: CD/LP


CD - undisclosed

LP 1st press:
regular edition - 200 copies in purple vinyl
Die Hard edition - 50 copies in purple vinyl

LP 2nd press:
250 copies in black vinyl

Additional Information:

The Wandering Midget play traditional Doom Metal...
and whatever else they want to!
The band's most notable musical influences can be traced back to traditional Doom and Heavy Metal. The music also carries traces of 70's Progressive and Psychedelic Rock, while the lyrics deal mostly with horror, fantasy and mythology. Main inspiration comes from the world surrounding them, cult horror cinema and writers such as H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert E. Howard.

It happened in the last days of 2005 that The Wandering Midget was torn out of Mother Jackal's womb to roam the obscure paths of Doom Metal, following the trails left by the old masters of this art. The appropriate ceremonies were held by Samuel Wormius and Jonathan Sprenger, devoted men of science who had taken their time to learn the preservation of vital powders of flora & fauna and knew well their usage in incarnative purposes. After rumours started to spread, another promising young scientist, namely Thomas Grenier, became highly convinced about the studies of these two, and therefore offered them his help regarding the planetary low-frequency pulses and their negative effects on living human tissue. This area of investigation had been the weakest link in the studies of Samuel and Jonathan, and they were more than happy to accept Thomas' help.

In Summer 2006 the group published their first self-financed study, which carried the name "First Encounter". This demonstrative work of art sold out in Autumn 2007, yet was republished later the same year with two new appendices, ominous "I Am The Gate" and massive "Wasteland Shrine". This package was released by Eyes Like Snow, and became known as "I Am The Gate"-EP. Some field work was done by the trio, yet they didn't receive much attention on Finnish stages...yet. "I Am The Gate", however, gained great reviews around the globe and The Wandering Midget disappeared into the silence of the Finnish countryside where they began preparations for their first full-length album.

The rites and studies concerning this project took place at their laboratory, also known as Redroom Studio, where they spent most of their spare time during Spring & Summer 2008. At the end of July, as the faded stars hung low in the sky, the bastard child of the ancient race was awakened from the crypt where it had slumbered, carefully concealed in six grey jars of clay. It was given the name "The Serpent Coven", and is said to possess
the power to crush and cripple all those who cross its path... 

The 1st press of the regular vinyl edition comes in deluxe gatefold jacket and purple vinyl including free sticker with the cover artwork, limited to 200 copies and handnumbered.

The Die Hard edition furthermore includes an exclusive t-shirt, only available in this edition, an embroidered patch, as well as the album on cd for your (auto)mobile listening pleasure. It is limited to 50 copies.

The 2nd & last press of the vinyl comes in deluxe gatefold jacket and black vinyl, limited to 250 copies.


I. Pillars Of Sapiris
II. Taynia
III. Family Curse
IV. The Thing From The Black Reef
V. Bring Forth The Accused
VI. The Serpent Coven



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(in English): 10/10
(in German): 9/10
www.doom-metal.com (in English)

(in Hungarian): 9/10
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www.heavyhardes.de (in German): 5/6
Legacy Mag #58 (in German): 13/15
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www.medazzarock.ch (in German): 9/10
www.metal.de (in German): 9/10
www.metalcoven.de (in German): 96%
www.metal-district.de (in German): 9.5/10
www.metal-invader.com (in English): 4/5
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www.metalperspective.com (in English): 8/10
www.metalreviews.com (in English): 80/100
www.metalroxx.com (in German): 8/10
www.metalzone.gr (in English): 90%
www.noise.fi (in Finnish): 4/5
www.powermetal.de (in German)
www.stormbringer.at (in German): 4/5
www.the-pit.de (in German): 9/10
www.tinnitus-mag.de (in German): 8/10
www.vs-webzine.com (in French): 17/20

T-Shirt & Patch of the DIE HARD:



(embroidered in purple on black)

An album shirt has been released as well: