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NSP Underground Series   |   NSP Underground Series 13-24

ETHEREAL SHROUD - They Became The Falling Ash CD

 ETHEREAL SHROUD - Absolution | Emptiness CD

Cat. No. NSP001US
Ethereal Shroud (UK)
Title: They Became The Falling Ash
Format: CD
Information: Ltd. 500. Dark, majestic and very atmospheric Black/Doom Metal from this one-man project from the UK. An awesome release and a perfect start for our underground series!

Cat. No. NSP002US
Ethereal Shroud (UK)
Title: Absolution | Emptiness
Format: CD
Information: Ltd. 500. Dark, disturbing, atmospheric Black/Doom Metal and Ambient from this one-man project from the UK. Remastered from the original source. Final pressing of this release.


FIRTAN - Innenwelt MCD

Cat. No. NSP003US
Noltem (USA)
Title: Mannaz
Format: MCD
Information: Ltd. 500. Atmospheric Folk/Pagan/Black Metal from the US. Reminiscent of The Flight of Sleipnir without the Doom and Prog influences. Includes the 2005 "Hymn of the Wood" Demo as bonus tracks!

Cat. No. NSP004US
Firtan (GER)
Title: Innenwelt
Format: MCD
Information: Ltd. 500. Atmospheric/Progressive Black Metal from Germany.

ELDAMAR - The Force of the Ancient Land CD

HÅN - Facilis Descensus Averni CD

Cat. No. NSP005US
Eldamar (NOR)
Title: The Force of the Ancient Land
Format: DigiCD
Information: Ltd. 999. Atmospheric/Epic Black Metal from Norway. Recommended for fans of Elderwind, Summoning and Caladan Brood.

Cat. No. NSP006US
Hån (CH)
Title: Facilis Descensus Averni
Format: CD
Information: Ltd. 500. Obscure, atmospheric, misanthropic Black Metal from Switzerland.

INCLEMENCY - Inclemency CD

LOTH - Loth CD

Cat. No. NSP007US
Inclemency (AUS)
Title: Inclemency
Format: CD
Information: Ltd. 500. Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal from Australia. Recommended for fans of Woods of Desolation and Austere.

Cat. No. NSP008US
Loth  (FRA)
Title: Loth
Format: CD
Information: Ltd. 500. Atmospheric Black Metal from France. Main influences: Wyrd, Häive, Drudkh, Walknut, Burzum.



GAOTH - Dying Season's Glory CD


Cat. No. NSP009US
Eldamar (NOR)/Dreams of Nature (CO)
Title: -
Format: MCD
This split release features one exclusive song of Atmospheric Black Metal from each band.
As part of the NSP underground series it is limited to 500 copies.

Cat. No. NSP010US
Gaoth (IRL)
Title: Dying Season's Glory
Format: CD
Information: The music of Gaoth encompasses a meld of
traditional Atmospheric Black Metal with vast & blistering ambiences to create ethereal & transcendental  atmospheres, intertwined with brief moments of earthy contemplation. This soundscape is inspired by the Seasons, Mountains, Forests, Soil & Lakes of Ireland.


ALDER GLADE - Spine of the World CD

Cat. No. NSP011US
Nornír (GER)
Title: Urd
Format: DigiMCD
German newcomers Nornír perform
Scandinavian Black metal in the best 90s tradition. Recommended for fans
of Gorgoroth, Trelldom, Skogen, (early) Siebenbürgen, Thy Primordial, Dråpsnatt, Sorhin & the like.

Cat. No. NSP012US
Alder Glade (AUS)
Title: Spine of the World
Format: CD
Information: Alder Glade is a one-man atmospheric Folk/Black Metal project from Australia. Weaving in and out of  shadow, haunting folk melodies and blistering black metal passages combine to create a gateway to a world only hinted at in previous releases.