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NSP Underground Series

AUGRIMMER - Autumnal Heavens MCD

HÄIVE - Mieli Maassa TS

Cat. No. NSP076
Augrimmer (GER)
Title: Autumnal Heavens
Format: MCD
Information: Augrimmer play Black Metal in the mid-90s swedish style not unlike early Dissection & Setherial, but of course don't sound exactly like any of those two. It's just hints here and there in the music and arrangements. This conceptual MCD is strictly limited to 999 copies - Out Jan 30th, 2009

Cat. No. NSP077
Häive (FIN)
Title: Mieli Maassa
Format: TS
Information: Limited album shirt

BROCKEN MOON - 10 Jahre Brocken Moon 2CD

BELENOS - Errances Oniriques CD

Cat. No. NSP078
Brocken Moon (GER)
Title: 10 Jahre Brocken Moon
Format: 2CD
Information: Compilation of all releases prior to "Das Märchen vom Schnee", incl. their hard to find first two demos + one previously unreleased new song!

Cat. No. NSP079
Belenos (FRA)
Title: Errances Oniriques
Format: CD
Information: Completely rerecorded and improved reissue of Belenos' highly acclaimed and long sold out debut album incl. two exclusive bonus tracks!

STRIDSMENN - Stridsmenn CD

GRIS - Il était une forêt 2LP

Cat. No. NSP080
Stridsmenn (NOR)
Title: Stridsmenn
Format: CD
Information: Debut album of this fantastic band! Norwegian mid-90s Black Metal as it was meant to be. Highly recommended for fans of STRID, ANGANTYR, TAAKE, NASHEIM & old DIMMU BORGIR!

Cat. No. NSP081
Gris (CAN)
Title: Il était une forêt
Format: 2LP
Information: Limited vinyl edition of this brilliant album. Available in four high quality packaged editions incl. coloured & etched vinyls, an 8-page booklet and two different logo stickers. An essential piece for every Black Metal vinyl collector!

AUGRIMMER - From The Lone Winters Cold CD


Cat. No. NSP082
Augrimmer (GER)
Title: From The Lone Winters Cold
Format: CD
Information: After their MCD from Jan '09 Augrimmer return and show how to perfect one's style in half a year. Imagine a bastard combining the grimness of old Norwegian Black Metal á la early Immortal & Gorgoroth with the raw yet more melodic & lead guitar-oriented Swedish art of bands such as Thy Primordial, Dissection & early Setherial.

Cat. No. NSP083
Undivine (SWE)
Title: Into Dust
Format: CD
Information: On their 2nd album Undivine once again show how the melodic Black/Death from Sweden is properly celebrated. Influenced by bands such as Dawn, Dissection & Hypocrisy as well as Marduk, Dark Funeral & the classic Swedish Death Metal they unleash an inferno of Swedish power that turns your speakers into dust!

BELENOS - Errances Oniriques TS/LS


Cat. No. NSP084
Belenos (FRA)
Title: Errances Oniriques
Format: TS/LS
Information: New album shirt, limited to 70 T-Shirts and 30 Longsleeves!

Cat. No. NSP085
Gris & Sombres Forêts (CAN)
Title: Miserere Luminis
Information: Much anticipated collaboration between two of Canada's most respected Black Metal acts. This exclusive European edition is limited to a one-time pressing of 1000 copies and comes in deluxe Digibook format.