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NSP Underground Series

CALADAN BROOD - Echoes of Battle CD/2LP

BELENOS - L'Ancien Temps 2CD

Cat. No. NSP114
Caladan Brood (USA)
Title: Echoes of Battle
Format: DigiCD/CD/2LP
Information: Jaw-dropping Epic Black Metal in the vein of Summoning! A 71 min glimpse into Steven Erikson's "Malazan Book of the Fallen", "Echoes of Battle" proves the perfect Black Metal interpretation of a work that is peerless in scope and equals J.R.R. Tolkien and G.R.R. Martin in brilliance. Caladan Brood are for Erikson's Malaz what Summoning are for Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Cat. No. NSP115
Belenos (FRA)
Title: L'Ancien Temps
Format: A5 Digi-2CD
Information: Reissue of the early Belenos material, for the first time in a complete fashion. The 2013 version of "L'Ancien Temps" features "Notre Amour Eternel" from 1996, "Triste Pensée" from 1997 and, unlike the sold out Sacral press from 2004, also the "Allégorie d'une Souffrance" demo from 1998, as well as 3 bonus tracks, clocking at no less than 126 minutes.

CALADAN BROOD - Echoes of Battle TS/LS/SS

HORN - Konflikt CD

Cat. No. NSP116
Caladan Brood (USA)
Title: Echoes of Battle
Format: TS/LS/SS
Information: Official album shirt with full colour + gold front print and gold back print, as well as gold sleeve print on the longsleeves and sweatshirts. We chose to print regular old school sweatshirts without hood and pockets to allow for a large front print.

Cat. No. NSP117
Horn (GER)
Title: Konflikt
Format: DigiCD
Information: 6th studio album,
comprising 7 ideas on the relation of man, passion & war, presented in five (six) European languages. Musically it ranges from classical, fast-paced Black Metal, through choral pieces, fanfare-styled hymns & serious folkloristic elements in the vein of Isengard, Primordial & Bathory, to the traditional, siren-like guitar sound the project is known for.

CALADAN BROOD - Logo/Bonehunters TS/HSW


Cat. No. NSP118
Caladan Brood (USA)
Title: Logo/Bonehunters
Format: TS/HSW
Information: Official logo shirt, available as T-shirt or Hooded Sweatshirt with gold or silver print on front & back (and sleeves on the HSW).