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NSP Underground Series

GHOST BATH - Moonlover CD/LP


Cat. No. NSP133
Ghost Bath (...)
Title: Moonlover
Format: DigiCD/LP
Information: New album of this obscure band. Depressive Black Metal for fans of Woods Of Desolation, Deafheaven, Gris or Heretoir. The LP will be released in autumn.

Cat. No. NSP134
Gallowbraid (USA)
Title: tba
Format: CD/LP
Information: Debut full length of Gallowbraid from Salt Lake City/UT. Easily one of the most anticipated NSP releases ever. More info soon!

SAOR - Roots TS

VALLENDUSK - Homeward Path CD

Cat. No. NSP135
Saor (SCO)

Title: Roots
Format: TS
Album shirt with full colour + gold print on front and white + grey print on back.

Cat. No. NSP136
Vallendusk (ID)
Title: Homeward Path
Format: CD
Information: Much anticipated 2nd album of this fantastic band from Indonesia. Melodic/Atmospheric Black Metal at its best! 

HORN - Jahreszeiten / Die Kraft der Szenarien 2CD

GHOST BATH - Moonlover TS

Cat. No. NSP137
Horn (GER)
Title: Jahreszeiten / Die Kraft der Szenarien
Format: Digi-2CD
Information: Reissue of these long out-of-print albums on one double-CD in deluxe digipack with new, improved artwork, limited to 900 copies.

Cat. No. NSP138
Ghost Bath (...)

Title: Moonlover
Format: TS
Information: Album shirt available in black with grey print or white with black print.

CROSS VAULT - The All-consuming DigiCD/LP

HORN - Feldpost DigiCD

Cat. No. NSP139
Cross Vault (GER)
Title: The All-consuming
Format: DigiCD/LP
Information: 2nd album, with a more natural and clear production, N.‘s vocals coming across more direct and heartfelt, and M.‘s guitar work significantly more playful, presenting a rich variety of highly melancholic lead harmonies as well as extensive acoustic passages.

Cat. No. NSP140
Horn (GER)

Title: Feldpost
Format: DigiCD
Information: 7th album, revolves around pieces of literature and songs hailing from or directed to the trenches of the world wars. Musically, the songs remind more of the style played on "Naturkraft" rather than later albums.