NSP 171 :  Ruadh - Sovereign DigiCD

Release date: April 12th, 2019

RUADH (which is pronounced "Roo-Ah" and translates to "red") is a one man Atmospheric Black Metal project from Glasgow, Scotland.

Drawing from the vast well of history, culture and mythology, musician and songwriter Tom Perrett set out to compose music purely to taste, creating an unmistakable atmosphere with the beating heart of old school Black Metal favourites of his, such as WINDIR, BATHORY, BURZUM and others, which should also appeal to fans of SAOR, WINTERFYLLETH, PANOPTICON and similar acts. 

Tom was born and raised in one of the oldest Burghs in Scotland, which translates to "The red glen". The derivation of the name of the town is unclear but one theory is that the area was once a settlement of Reuther, an ancient king of the Scots, who ruled between 213 and 187 BC.

RUADH’s debut album “Sovereign” will be released  on CD as Collector’s Edition in Digipack, limited to 1000 copies.


1. Where I Belong (10:08)
2. Sovereign (08:43)
3. Waiting (11:02)
4. A Quiet Place (05:54)
5. We Will Rise Again (09:12)
6. Under Its Branches (07:11)


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"This solo atmospheric black metal project of Tom Perrett released its’ debut album “Sovereign'” on 12th April via Northern Silence Productions and boy oh boy what an awe-inspiring surprise it has been. Tom said that the music and lyrics of RUADH focus on nature, history, mythology and you will feel this connection throughout this album. [...] a great journey to the horizons of Scottish melancholy and Scandinavian misanthropy. It’s dusky yet it’s ethereal, it’s mirthful yet it’s mournful. It’s esoteric, it’s aesthetic, it’s RUADH."
9.5/10 -

"Stellt sich nur noch die Frage, ob die Metal-Welt ein Album, das derart nach Saor klingt, wirklich braucht. Wenn das Resultat so genial ausfällt wie „Sovereign“, auf jeden Fall! Hinter deren neuem Werk „Forgotten Paths“ brauchen sich Ruadh zumindest nicht zu verstecken. Kaufen!"
13/15 -

78/100 -