Lifelong Journey

NSP 019 US :  Stryvigor - Lifelong Journey DigiCD

Release date: November 23rd, 2018

Stryvigor is a Ukrainian Atmospheric Black Metal band founded in 2012.

"Lifelong Journey" is their second full length album
and is recommended for fans of Drudkh, Kroda or Nokturnal Mortum.

The CD is released as part of the Northern Silence Underground Series and comes as Collector’s Edition in Digipack, limited to 500 copies.


1. Roots (07:15)
2. Kingdom of Darkness and Death (04:23)
3. Silver plated Sounds of Space (05:01)
4. I bring the Eternal Spring (04:56)
5. Lifelong Journey (05:37)
6. Scream of Epoch (05:42)
7. Night falls, Space darkens (05:40)
8. In the Depths of Silence (05:57)
9. Where Autumn will Reign Again (05:33)
10. Awakening the Ancient (Bonus Track) (04:03)


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82/100 -