Lunar Falls

NSP 172 :  Suldusk - Lunar Falls DigiCD/LP

Release date: April 12th, 2019

Emily Highfield’s one woman project Suldusk has woven the acoustic tones of Dark/Neo Folk with elements of Post Rock and Atmospheric Black Metal to create a powerful panorama of shimmering guitars, haunting melodies and atmospheric density on her debut album “Lunar Falls”.

The album’s undercurrent theme is about living on the margins, and the intolerable suffering and sacrifice in the quest for identity. Nature provides much of the lyrical inspiration as the source of refuge and guidance throughout this quest. It is dedicated to the memory of Aleah Starbridge. “The Elm” is an adaptation of Aleah’s and Juha Raivio’s song “Sinking Ships”.

Suldusk's debut album “Lunar Falls” will be released digitally, on CD as Collector’s Edition in Digipack (limited to 1000 copies), as well as on LP incl. insert & A2 poster (99x black/white half-and-half + 199x black/white marble vinyl)


1. Eleos (1:56)
2. Solus Ipse (5:14)
3. The Elm (3:31)
4. Aphasia (4:40)
5. Three Rivers (5:31)
6. Autumnal Resolve (2:19)
7. Catacombs (4:35)
8. Nazaré (5:13)
9. Drogue (2:53)
10. Sovran Shrines (7:23)


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6/6 -

"Gesanglich über alle Zweifel erhaben, profitieren die Songs enorm von der stimmlichen Performance des Masterminds, welche so intim und einfühlsam aus den Boxen dringt, dass es unmöglich erscheint, sich der Emotionalität der Worte und Töne zu entziehen. Angefangen beim Aleah-Starbridge-Tribute "The Elm“ über das wunderschöne "Catacombs“ bis hin zum krönenden Abschluss "Sovran Shrines“ strömt eine fast greifbare Magie durch das Album, welche umgehend verzaubert. Das Debütalbum von SULDUSK ist somit eine der vielleicht spannendsten Veröffentlichungen des noch jungen Jahres. Melancholisch-düster auf der einen, frühlingshaft-warm auf der anderen Seite erhebt "Lunar Falls“ die Natur selbst zum ultimativen Wegweiser auf der menschlichen Suche nach Identität. Ein besonderes und mitreißendes Hörerlebnis, welches auf keinen Fall verpasst werden sollte!"
9/10 -

"Suldusk dips its toes in a few genres, but not as a confused participant but rather an accomplished musical artist that captures interest from neo-folk, doom, black metal and dark ambient quarters. The brooding vocals attentively hold your interest just as much as the evident masterful song structure. The well-produced mix of purposeful acoustic guitars matches the gripping evil of deep percussion and cello, this is cleverly interwoven with eerie guitar riffs. The tempo changes from drifting atmospheric bliss to overwhelming psychotic pandemonium. The writer really appreciated the clearly defined effort in each song, no lyric or strum of the guitar is a throwaway but a crafted piece of the intricate musical masterpiece."

"‘Lunar Falls’ is dense and lush, and it sounds like paradise. Just wow."

"With Lunar Falls Suldusk delivers an awesome and very strong debut album which is surely recommended for fans of the more atmospheric sides of metal, but fans of the more folkier and/or melodic metal probably also can appreciate this very well."

"„Lunar Falls“ ist ein bezauberndes Album fernab jeglicher Genrekonventionen [...] Fans der eingangs genannten Myrkur, Vermilia oder auch Alcest sollten hier unbedingt reinhören."
13/15 -

"Suldusk has a lot to offer, and it’s obvious a lot of hard work went in to make a hugely positive impression from the get-go, with a killer debut album."

"Suldusk is a band all of its own. While my expertise is limited in the area, they have a sound that is unlike anyone else going now. At home with lovely acoustic sounds and Emily’s beautiful singing voice, as they are with grinding guitars and rough-edged vocals, this band knows no boundaries. You could as easily hear their music in Game of Thrones, or Vikings as you could in a Tarantino movie. Unique, haunting, beautiful, hard-edged, grinding, creepy, and eerie all at once. While it may not absolutely appeal to Black Metal fans, you can’t deny Emily Highfield’s talent and appeal. Equal parts Amy Lee and Randy Blythe, give Emily and her music a chance. You may end up enchanted."

[Lunar Falls is] a package with far-reaching appeal, though it’ll probably relate better to those open to music that isn’t piercing your ears every second."
4/5 -

8/10 -

9/10 -

"Bereits auf ihrem ersten Album präsentiert sich Highfield somit als überaus fähige Solokünstlerin, sodass es wohl nur eine Frage der Zeit ist, bis SULDUSK den ihr zustehenden Bekanntheitsgrad in der Szene genießen wird."
8/10 -

"For all listeners of folk, post rock, atmospheric black, doom metal or any other sad music genre, this is a release that you really don’t want to miss. From the two minute intro “Eleos” you can already tell that it’s got a very special sound. I’m not even a fan of this genre. But even for me, it instantly clicked and I was completely immersed into it. [...] It is filled with emotion and has one of the most effective and creative ways of building an atmosphere. Acoustic guitars and her voice are the centerpieces of the record but there are a lot of other elements coming into the mix like keyboards, drums, acoustic percussion, bass and even some cello (which I thought was one of the most welcome additions). It is also very well produced to have a raw, organic but very full sound. Everything adds up to create this very immersive feel and allow the emotions to flow. [...] Especially if dark neofolk and sad atmospheric music is your thing, I can’t recommend this enough."
8.5/10 -

"In all truth, this album is definitely a contender for one of my favorite releases of this year. There is so much beauty, darkness, melodic atmosphere and moments of blackened aggression that makes this album a masterpiece. For anyone who wants something refreshing and trance inducing, this album is for you. Each moment is like wandering through a forest path that leads to a splendorous stream full of natural luminosity. If you are a fan of atmospheric black metal, dark folk, acoustic folk and just a unique and different take on metal, then please take a moment, relax and take a trip into nature with this album."
10/10 -

90/100 -

"With “Lunar Falls” Suldusk have created a truly immersive music journey that can sound darkly poetic with its inner blackgaze soul but can also comfort and inspire the listeners with simply magical melodic tapestries."

"Some big predictions and comparisons are already being made for and about Suldusk; We won’t get involved with either, suffice to say that as an opening statement of intent Lunar Falls is indeed pretty impressive. But the future does look bright – in a blackened way, obvs – if the evidence here is anything to go by. Well worth a listen in any case, and definitely one to watch."

"Lunar Falls is an astounding collection of songs that features uncharacteristically strong song writing for a debut album. In her future albums, she definitely has room to further explore her more volatile side and have the divergence in sounds be even more amplified and effective. The album gives off the feeling that something bigger could be unleashed once she becomes even more comfortable in her performing abilities. Make no mistake though, this project is a resounding success and wonderful marriage of folk and black metal. It's something fans of Opeth and Agalloch need to hear before the year is up. The ideas at work on Lunar Falls are thrilling, and I can only hope a rewarding career awaits Emily as she continues to hone her craft."
4/5 -

"Lunar Falls is actually one hell of an emotive and melancholic work of art that has some kind of an evocative and cathartic inwardness. [...] shimmering acoustic lines meet dark folk and atmospheric post rock in a perfect combination, it's nothing but addictive melancholic art that gets deep into your soul and I belive that you will be whispering these captivating melodies for a long time. [...] Suldusk's debut Lunar Falls sounds better than many bands on their tenth album or so, it's a journey into our inwardness, it brings darkness and light, it's highly inspiring and encouraging. Lunar Falls is one of the best emotional melancholic yet blackened things that I heard lately. Great job Emily did here and I can't wait for hers next output."
9.5/10 -

"This album is so perfect. There is no other way for me to describe it. The blend of acoustic/dark folk & atmospheric black metal has every fiber of me melting in a puddle of pure awesomeness! [...] This is an album I highly recommend for everyone. Not only will this be a top favorite for the year, but also an all time favorite."
10/10 -

79/100 -


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