Together to the Stars
An Oblivion Above

NSP 170 :  Together to the Stars - An Oblivion Above DigiCD

Release date: January 25th, 2019

Together to the Stars are a newcomer two-man project from Sweden, playing Depressive/Post-Black Metal. Their debut album is recommended for fans of Heretoir, Anomalie, Amesoeurs or Harakiri For The Sky.

The CD comes as Collector’s Edition in 6-panel Digipack, limited to 500 copies.


1. Timeless (10:37)
2. Oblivion (7:18)
3. Apathy (11:50)
4. Shrine (3:25)
5. Sanctuary (9:22)


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"Blindingly bright, sky-high leads take you soaring above multiple dimensions of fucking pain; you don’t know whether you feel elated or godawful. ‘Apathy’ might as well be the anthem for a generation, and I don’t mean that disparagingly: while Franco Fuentes’ vocals are a one-man maelstrom of bloodshot-eyed, vein-necked, disaffected rage and disappointment, the guitar and drums of multi-instrumental talented bastard David Steinmarck seem to talk him down from the ledge by striking notes of determination and a new dawn. I don’t know what it is about razor-sharp shredding over blast beats that makes you feel like you’re literally shedding all of life’s millstones, but these guys do it to perfection, aptly, considering the name they’ve chosen for themselves. And it’s their debut. I can’t get enough of this."

85/100 -

"A masterful debut of beauty and brutality [...] a release that deserves to be championed in multiple genres by a relentless and special new band that is definitively one to watch."
4.5/5 -

"Together To The Stars perfectly captures what bands in the blackgaze, post black metal genre have been trying to do for years. A seamless blend of dark and light, emotional and heartbreaking, and easily some of the best production of it's style that it's crystal clear, yet raw enough to violate the senses. A band you really should not pass on if this intrigues you, I couldn't recommend it more."

"Un album d'excellente facture qui laisse présager de bonnes choses pour le futur si le groupe suédois poursuit dans la lignée de cet « An Oblivion Above»"
4/5 -

"TOGETHER TO THE STARS kreieren von der ersten Minute an wunderbar melancholische Post Black Metal-Soundlandschaften, die einen dazu motivieren, in die kalte Nacht hinauszugehen und den Sternenhimmel anzuschauen. Hymnisch und voller Wehmut – „An oblivion above“ empfiehlt sich als kostbares Schwarzmetallkleinod."