Black Clouds Gathering + Vallendusk

NSP 155 :  Vallendusk - Black Clouds Gathering + Vallendusk DLP

Release date: January 2018

Formed in September 2011, Vallendusk is a four-piece Epic/Melodic Black Metal band hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia.

In April 2012, a self-titled EP was released by Pest Productions, receiving good responses from listeners and critics alike. A year later, the band’s widely praised debut full length “Black Clouds Gathering” was also released by Pest Productions, resulting in a huge feedback and interest from all over the world.

Following the successful release of Vallendusk's second album "Homeward Path" through Northern Silence in 2015, it is about time now for the much requested vinyl release of their debut album. As a bonus, the three songs from the debut EP will be added as well, bringing the playing time of this DLP to more than 90 minutes!

The DLP comes in gatefold cover, in three different editions:

99x white vinyl
99x black vinyl
303x silver vinyl


1. Fragments of Light (9:28)
2. To Wander and Beyond (8:00)
3. Shades of Grey (8:44)
4. Into the Mist (8:48)
5. Among the Giants (9:28)
6. Realms of the Elder (9:45)
7. Land of the Lurking Twilight  (13:04)
8. Antimatter (7:45)
9. Foghymn (6:55)
10. The Wooden Sphere (10:14)


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